Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki
Ability Requirements: Intelligence 9
Prime Requisite: Intelligence
Races Allowed: Human, Elf, Half-Elf

Mages are the most versatile types of wizards, those who choose not to specialize in any single school of magic. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. On the positive side, the mage's selection of spells enables him to deal with many different situations. (Wizards who study within a single school of magic learn highly specialized spells, but at the expense of spells from other areas.) The other side of the coin is that the mage's ability to learn specialized spells is limited compared to the specialist's.

Mages have no historical counterparts; they exist only in legend and myth. However, players can model their characters after such legendary figures as Merlin, Circe, or Medea. Accounts of powerful wizards and sorceresses are rare, since their reputations are based in no small part on the mystery that surrounds them. These legendary figures worked toward secret ends, seldom confiding in the normal folk around them.

A mage who has an Intelligence score of 16 or higher gains a 10% bonus to the experience points he earns.