Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Wiki
Table 25: Rogue Experience Levels
Level XP needed Hit Dice (d6)
1 0 1
2 1,250 2
3 2,500 3
4 5,000 4
5 10,000 5
6 20,000 6
7 40,000 7
8 70,000 8
9 110,000 9
10 160,000 10
11 220,000 10+2
12 440,000 10+4
13 660,000 10+6
14 880,000 10+8
15 1,100,000 10+10
16 1,320,000 10+12
17 1,540,000 10+14
18 1,760,000 10+16
19 1,980,000 10+18
20 2,200,000 10+20

Rogues are people who feel that the world (and everyone it) somehow owes them a living. They get by day by day, living in the highest style they can afford and doing as little work as possible. The less they have to toil and struggle like everyone else (while maintaining a comfortable standard of living), the better off they think they are. While this attitude is neither evil nor cruel, it does not foster a good reputation. Many a rogue has a questionable past or a shady background he'd prefer was left uninvestigated.

Rogues combine a few of the qualities of the other character classes. They are allowed to use a wide variety of magical items, weapons, and armor.

Rogues have some special abilities that are unique to their group. All rogues tend to be adept at languages and thus, have a percentage chance to read strange writings they come across. All are skilled in climbing and clinging to small cracks and outcroppings--even more skilled than the hardy men of the mountains. They are alert and attentive, hearing things that others would miss. Finally, they are dexterous (and just a little bit light-fingered), able to perform tricks and filch small items with varying degrees of success.

Rogues have a number of special abilities, such as picking pockets and detecting noise, for which they are given a percentage chance of success (this chance depends on the class, level, Dexterity score, and race of the rogue). When a rogue tries to use a special ability, a percentile dice roll determines whether the attempt succeeds or fails. If the dice roll is equal to or less than the special ability score, the attempt succeeds. Otherwise, it fails.

All rogues use the table to the right to determine their advancement in levels as they gain experience points.

All rogues gain one six-sided Hit Die (1d6) per level from 1st through 10th. After 10th level, rogues earn 2 hit points per level and no longer receive additional hit point bonuses for high Constitution scores.